Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Carrie Bradshaw Bun

School has officially started. It's 9:00 and my bedtime.  If you are feeling the Sunday Blues and need a pick me up...just watch this video one time and I promise you will laugh for a good hour.


Now that we are in good spirits, here are some fun things you should try this week. 

(Window Shopping-it will save you tons)
Oh yes, another pair of the beautiful glitter Miu Miu shoe. This time in pink...

Add a little funkyness to your nails...

(DIY-'Chevron' something)
I "Chevroned" my vanity...yes...Chevroned
I followed THIS same tutorial

 It's now 9:28.  Waaayyy past my bedtime so last but certainly not least...

(Beauty-Hair-Find a new do)
Number one moment of my week:
It seems like FOREVER that I have been trying to find the perfect hair tutorial for the perfect bun...dork fest I know. I need a look that helps the "I hate showering and styling my hair" attitude I have most days.  I've found some pretty helpful ones and then I found this....The Carrie Brandshaw's perfect!

Most style blogs have good hair tutorials. My favorite, that I check almost daily to see what good things have been added, is The Beauty Department. They have some great beauty tutorials! Enjoy!

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