Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIY Hair Comb

While blog surfing I found these DIY hair combs and was reminded of a time my friend and I made these in 7th grade. I never wore mine but when I saw this tutorial I remembered how fun and easy they are.  I decided to make them again and I'll definitely be wearing them this time. I found this tutorial hereCreature Comfort. Here's what you need:

Hair comb, friendship bracelet thread and scissors. Easy!
Start with your first color and tie a knot to get started. Start wrapping the string under and then over as many times as you need to make it as thick as you want.
When you finish with one color, tie a knot with the next color and begin wrapping the next color.

Keep wrapping!
On the color before the last one (in my case, the last yellow) leave a little extra string so you can make a knot with that one and the last color (dark green) because the last color will not have a next color to tie on to.
Once you tie the last color to the color before, you're done! Enjoy!

Spring Break and a New Camera!

Last fall our camera was stolen from our car after a trip to Vriginia. GASP. I have missed it soooo much. Recently, Erik purchased a new camera along with some different lenses and I've been dying to try it out. That's what I did over my spring break. I visited Erik in Midland and went to work with him where I was able to try out the new camera.