Thursday, June 23, 2011

DIY Felt Pom-Poms

I found these felt pom-pom flowers on pinterest and thought they would be good for this awkward door I have in my living room.  It looks like a classroom door with a window in it. I also made some smaller ones and put them on my headboard.  I think they would be cute for so many things. Here's the online tutorial: Birthday Girl.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

50 dollars!

First Nesting Project: Dining room chairs for a dining room table I did not yet have and a dining room that I definitely did not have; extremely necessary. I found four great chairs for 50 dollars. That's the great thing about antiquing.  Four dining room chairs for 50 dollars! Are you kidding? After the paint (it didn't even take a quart) and the fabric, on sale at Calico Corners, the whole project totaled just under 75 dollars! 



Similar (not as cute) Anthropologie
chair at 168 dollars a pop! Hm...

Altogether now
There you have it! They were cute before, cute in a coffee shop or deli kind of setting.  However, I cannot cook so I cannot ever open my own deli which means I have no need for 4 deli ready chairs. I can, however, throw some sassy paint on those chairs and find some cute; cheap fabric and voila (which, I might add, is about all I can cook)!


              Last May I graduated from Texas Tech University with a teaching degree.  At our last meeting together as a graduating class, our professors so kindly reminded us that we were graduating in one of the worst years a graduating class has seen in a while.  Translation: "good luck finding a job!" So a month after graduation, guess who moved back home! I moved home to help my parents save money and look for a job from there.
             I applied to many, many schools with the help of my mom. Her way of helping was folding out a map of Texas, pointing to small towns and looking them up online. Very effective! Not knowing where these towns were located was not a problem considering I just wanted a job and to move out of my parent's house....again.
            This leads me to what I did during my long summer in "job limbo."  I didn't know what town I would be living in, what school I would be teaching in, what grade, what my apartment would look like, maybe I'd find a cheap house....well you get the point.  My life was completely up in the air.  So, what did I decide to do? Nest! I nested ALL summer. I raided our local antique mall and found any piece of sad furniture I thought I could update and use in my future and maybe non-existent home.  Little did I know, the job I would find would be right here in my home town! I was extremely lucky to find an amazing apartment with an equally amazing landlord who allowed me to do whatever I wanted in this apartment.  I mean everything...chalkboard wall? Yes and thank you! So, I am making this blog to document the cheap, $300 "remodel" myself, my boyfriend, my sisters, my cousin, my parents, my grandparents, strangers walking on the sidewalk, took on last summer and during the last year. But first, my nesting projects! I will never, EVER write this much...I talk a lot in real life, so I'm not sure why I thought a blog would be different, but man look up at the book you just read!