Wednesday, June 22, 2011

50 dollars!

First Nesting Project: Dining room chairs for a dining room table I did not yet have and a dining room that I definitely did not have; extremely necessary. I found four great chairs for 50 dollars. That's the great thing about antiquing.  Four dining room chairs for 50 dollars! Are you kidding? After the paint (it didn't even take a quart) and the fabric, on sale at Calico Corners, the whole project totaled just under 75 dollars! 



Similar (not as cute) Anthropologie
chair at 168 dollars a pop! Hm...

Altogether now
There you have it! They were cute before, cute in a coffee shop or deli kind of setting.  However, I cannot cook so I cannot ever open my own deli which means I have no need for 4 deli ready chairs. I can, however, throw some sassy paint on those chairs and find some cute; cheap fabric and voila (which, I might add, is about all I can cook)!

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