Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oct 7?

The last time I posted was on October 7! Really a lot has happened since then but one of the most significant things was on Decemeber 9, my boyfriend and I got engaged! Yay! So here's what I'm looking at for current wedding inspiration.  I can't decide on colors, like at all! I know picking a dress and colors are supposed to be things I decided when I was 13 but I change my mind constantly about EVERYTHING.

Anyway, I was sitting in my mom's living room a while back and noticed the colors on this vase matched the colors of most of the wedding pins I have pinned on pinterest.  It's only week 3 of our engagement and I've already lost it. So for now this is my inspiration vase (see...lost it) and some photos of beautiful and easy DIY floral arrangements from pinterest. Enjoy!


All photos came from pinterest

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