Friday, August 5, 2011

DIY Chevron Painting

This is a quick and easy DIY to help add the oh so trendy Chevron print in your home.
Pinterest inspiration for this project:
First you will want to find a chevron pattern online to copy to your canvas.  You can attempt to draw your own, but speaking from experience, it's really hard to get a perfect pattern.  To help, here is a link to a great pattern you can just print out and your ready.  It is a PDF file so you can actually zoom in or out until you get your desired pattern size.
So once you have your pattern, you need to decide what size canvas you would like to paint on.  This pattern can be made into many different projects.  A quick search online will take you to many fun projects from rugs to ottomans.

Once you have your pattern and canvas you now need to decide what colors you want to use.  The colors most commonly used in Chevron prints are one bold color paired with a more muted and neutral color.  This is YOUR painting going in YOUR home so you pick whatever colors inspire you and will work in your home.
     I picked navy blue and white. 

Now to begin, I found the easiest way to paint this pattern is to paint the entire canvas with the lightest color and wait for it to dry before continuing. Also, make sure to paint your edges:

If you are impatient like me, it is totally fine to use a hair dryer to manually dry your paint and get on with your project:

Cut out the pattern, lay it on the canvas and trace it lightly with a pencil (I apologize for the poor photo quality, had to use my phone)

With painter's tape, tape the parts you do you not want to paint

Paint with your second color on the exposed pattern. Again, remember to paint your edges.
After a second coat, if needed, allow to dry or use a hair dryer and remove the tape when paint is completely dry.  Tape around the next zig zag and continue the process until you have finished.

Enjoy your final project!!

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  1. what a cute addition to your wall! i saw some navy chevron pillows in a magazine recently and have been thinking about them since, so i'm with you on the obsession.