Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Blues

Sometimes I get the Sunday Blues.  To help with those blues, I surf the world wide web (excluding any news) for things that make me smile and I always listen to music.  I'm really loving The Civil Wars so here's a song and some pretty blue photos I found on pinterest today that can turn your Sunday Blue frown upside down. (wow)

I call it "Operation TTSBFUD" (Turn That Sunday Blue Frown Upside Down...duh)

I know the shoe below isn't blue but OMG! Ignoring the fact that normal day-to-day life does not allow for this type of shoe to be worn (oh and the $890 price tag!), how much does this shoe make you smile?? Even if you wear tennis shoes everyday and refuse to ever slip your little foot into a heel, you have to admit these shoes are just fabulous! I don't normally say things like "OMG" or "fabulous" but this shoe does that to me!
Source: Saks

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  1. I briefly spoke with John Paul White (of the Civil Wars) before a showcase at SXSW. He was nice, and their performance brought down the house.